Emphasizing a negation with "bing"


One of the many uses of 并 (bìng) is to add emphasis to a sentence that uses or . Because you're emphasizing a negation, 并 is often used when expressing disagreement, or pointing out a flaw in someone's argument. While the word 并 is not inherently combative, it can certainly be used that way.


You can take pretty much any sentence with a negated verb,and give it a little extra kick with 并. Just put it before the 不 or 没. Note that when used with 不, you can negate an adjective as well.

Subj. + 并 + 不 + Verb / Adj.

Subj. + 并 + 没(有) + Verb


  • 在 中国 创业 不 容易,有 很 多 的 挑战。In China, starting a business really isn't easy. There are a lot of challenges.
  • 我 在 大学 读 金融 专业,但是 当 金融 分析 人员 不是 我 的 梦想。I'm majoring in finance at the university, but being a financial analyst really isn't my dream.
  • 她 结婚 五年了,也 生了 一个 孩子,但 她 不 爱 她 丈夫。She's been married for five years and she has a baby.But she doesn't even love her husband.
  • 你 这样 做 其实 没有 解决 客户 的 问题。The way you dealt with it actually didn't solve those problems of our clients.
  • 我 弹 钢琴 十年 多 了,但 我 不 喜欢 这 种 乐器。I've been playing the piano for more than ten years, but I didn't really like this musical instrument.

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