Expressing "always previously" with "xianglai"

向来 (xiànglái) is pretty much the same as 从来, except that 从来 is almost always used with negation (sentences with 不 or 没).


向来 is used the same structure as 从来.You can use an optional 都 after the 向来.The basic meaning of 向来 is that something is always like that until the present. 一向 has the same meaning and structure as 向来。

Subject + 向来(都) + Verb/Verb Phrase


  • 我 父母 向来 不 喜欢 我 跟 你们 一起 出去 玩儿。My parents have always disliked me going out to play with you guys.
  • 向来 努力,所以 我 每 一 次 考试 都 得 满分。I have always pushed myself, so every time I take a test, I always get full marks.
  • 那个 足球 队员 一向 被 称为 “金脚”,因为 他 踢 足球 踢 得 非常 好。That soccer player is known as "Goldfoot" because he plays soccer really well.

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