Expressing "as if" with "sihu"



Subj. + 似乎 ⋯⋯



  • 老板 今天 似乎 不太 高兴 。The boss seems a little upset today.
  • 你 说 得 似乎 很 有道理 。What you said seems to make a lot of sense.
  • 似乎 明白 这句话 的 意思 ,却 又 说不清楚 。He seems to understand the meaning of that sentence while he couldn't explain well.
  • 似乎 隐瞒 了 什么 。She seems to be hiding something.
  • 似乎 没有人 关心 那个 小男孩 。It seems that nobody cares about that little boy.


  • 似乎 才 三十 出头 ,但 其实 已经 快 五十 了 。It seems that she's only in her early thirties while she's already about fifty.
  • 我 男朋友 似乎 冷冷 的 ,其实 他 很 热情 。My boyfriend seems a little cold, but he's actually very warm-hearted.

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