Expressing "from" with "cong... zhong"

从……中 (cóng... zhōng) is just another way to express "from." You might be wondering how it differs from the very similar 从……到 (cóng... dào) which expresses "from" in relation to time and place. 从……中 is more versatile because you can use it to talk about things in a more general sense than just about time and place.


从 + thing + 中 + result

The result is added on the end to complete the idea, but actually expressing "from" comes from everything before the addition of the result.


  • 学习了很多知识. I learned a lot from the book.
  • 我们聊天知道小王不喜欢咖啡. We know from chatting that Xiao Wang doesn't like coffee.
  • 这件事小王明白了诚实重要. Xiao Wang knows the importance of honesty from this matter.

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