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Expressing "however" with "ran'er"

然而 (rán'ér) is a conjunction used to express "however" or "but." The difference between 然而 (rán'ér) and 可是 or 不过 is that 然而 is more formal.


Statement, 然而 + [Unexpected Outcome/Contrary Statement]


  • 今天我本来想去泰山玩, 然而,天却下起了大雨. I originally wanted to go to Tai Mountain, however it was raining hard.
  • 我以为他会来, 然而他一直没有来. I thought he would come, but he never came.
  • 虽然他是一名家庭顾问, 然而他自己的家庭生活却一团糟. He may be a family consultant, but his own family life is bad.

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