Expressing "your side" with "ben"

In formal written Chinese, 本 can mean "this side," as in "this company" or "this country." It always refers to the side that the speaker is on.

Basic Structure

本(běn) can means a few different types of "this." It can refer to oneself, a place, an organization, or even a certain time. The noun that's used with 本 is very often single-syllable noun, like 人, 校, 市, 省, 国, 周, 月, 年, 次, etc. 公司, 组织, 季度, 学期 are also commonly used with 本.

本 + Noun


  • 人 。 běn. .
  • 顾客至上 是 公司 的 经营 理念。 běn. .
  • 校 不 允许 外校 学生 随便 进出。 běn. .
  • 组织 。 běn. .

Notice that the last example is 本人. It expresses "this person," which is like a fancy way of saying 我. This is especially common is resumes and cover letters.

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