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New Practical Chinese Reader 1 (新实用汉语课本1)→buy by Liu Xun

New Practical Chinese Reader, by Beijing Language and Culture University Press, is one of mainland China's most popular comprehensive textbook series, and is also available for purchase abroad in multiple languages. Book 1 is equivalent to A1 difficulty.

The first volume of the long-awaited revised edition of the popular Practical Chinese Reader series are finally available! This completely new edition (it will encompass six volumes in 70 lessons when completed) takes the student from an absolute beginner to an intermediate level, approximately 3 years of higher-level classroom instruction. The text follows the story of Ding Libo (the son of Gubo and Ding Yun from the first edition) and other international students as they live in China, learning about Chinese culture and society as they learn contemporary Mandarin. Emphasizing the basic skills of reading, writing (simplified characters), speaking, and listening, with supplementary exercises, many illustrations, charts, and in a larger 8 x 11 format.

Grammar Points by Chapter

  1. Lesson 1
  2. Lesson 2
  3. Lesson 3
  4. Lesson 4
  5. Lesson 5
  6. Lesson 6
    • 动词谓语句 Sentences with a verbal predicate
  7. Lesson 7
  8. Lesson 8
  9. Lesson 9
  10. Lesson 10
    • 介词词组 Prepositional phrase
    • 双宾语动词谓语句 (1) : "给" 、"送" Sentences with double objects (1) : "给" and "送"
    • 形容词谓语句 副词"很" Sentences with an adjectival predicate and "很"
  11. Lesson 11
    • 钟点 Telling time
    • 能愿动词谓语句 (1) : 可以 应该 Optative verbs (1) : "会、能、可以、应该"
    • 连动词 (1) : 表示目的 Sentences with serial verb phrases (1) : Purpose
    • 双宾语动词谓语语句 (2) : 教、 Sentences with double objects (2) : "教" and "问"
  12. Lesson 12
  13. Lesson 13
  14. Lesson 14