Reference:New Practical Chinese Reader 2 (新实用汉语课本2)

New Practical Chinese Reader 2 (新实用汉语课本2) →buy by Jerry Schmidt

New Practical Chinese Reader, by Beijing Language and Culture University Press, is one of mainland China's most popular comprehensive textbook series, and is also available for purchase abroad in multiple languages. Book 2 is equivalent to A2 difficulty.

Compiled under the sponsorship of the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOTCFL) and in consultation with the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Guidelines, the New Practical Chinese Reader (NPCR) series is designed to help native English speakers easily learn Chinese. Based on the time-tested Practical Chinese Reader (PCR), the revised and updated NPCR combines the grammatical strengths of the old PCR with contemporary material and more emphasis on learning to use Chinese in everyday conversation.

NPCR consists of 70 lessons in six volumes, covering beginning to intermediate levels, for three years of instruction. Features include balanced training in speaking, pronounciation, grammar, and vocabulary; gradual increases in difficulty, and a cyclical approach to learning with constant review of language structures, functions, and cultural knowledge; an abundance of practice material suitable for students to use inside and outside the classroom; and a new, systematic approach to the teaching of Chinese characters.

Grammar Points by Chapter

  1. Lesson 15
  2. Lesson 16
  3. Lesson 17
  4. Lesson 18
  5. Lesson 19
  6. Lesson 20
    • 汉语句子的六种基本成分 The six basic functional components of a Chinese sentence
    • 动词谓语句 (1) Sentences with a verbal predicate (1)
  7. Lesson 21
  8. Lesson 22
  9. Lesson 23
  10. Lesson 24
  11. Lesson 25
  12. Lesson 26
    • 动词谓语句 (2) Sentences with a verbal predicate (2)
    • 动作的态 The aspects of an action
    • 几种补语 (1) Various kinds of complements (1)