Psychological verb

Also known as: 心理动词 (xīnlǐ dòngcí) and psych verb.

A psychological verb is a verb that conveys the speaker's mental state or attitude.

Common Examples

Some common psychological verbs include:

  • 想 (xiǎng) to think; to want; to miss
  • 喜欢 (xǐhuan) to like
  • 小心 (xiǎoxīn) to be careful
  • 怕 (pà) to fear; to be afraid of
  • 了解 (liǎojiě) to know a lot about
  • 讨厌 (tǎoyàn) to hate
  • 担心 (dānxīn) to worry about
  • 希望 (xīwàng) to hope