Suggestions with "ba"

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The particle 吧 (ba) has a number of different uses. Here we'll talk about the simplest way to use 吧 (ba): making suggestions.


Command + 吧

Note that in Chinese, whenever you have a command with the subject "we," you're basically just saying, "let's (do something)." 吧 (ba) just makes the suggestion sound more tentative and more polite.


  • 我们 走 This is a suggestion.Wǒmen zǒu ba.Let's go.
  • 你 说 This is a suggestion.Nǐ shuō ba.You say it.
  • 快 点 吃 This is a suggestion.Kuài diǎn chī ba.Hurry up and eat.
  • 给 我 两 个 This is a suggestion.Gěi wǒ liǎng gè ba.Give me two.
  • 喝 水 This is a suggestion.Hē shuǐ ba.Have some water.
  • 我们 去 香港 This is a great suggestion!Wǒmen qù Xiānggǎng ba.Let's go to Hong Kong.
  • 我们 六 点 去This is more of a confirmation than a suggestion.Wǒmen liù diǎn qù ba?We're going at 6 o'clock (right)?
  • 休息 一下 This is a suggestion.Xiūxi yīxià ba.Take a break.
  • 我们 结婚 This is a also suggestion, believe it or not!Wǒmen jiéhūn ba.Let's get married.
  • 老板 ,便宜 一点 This is more of a request, made to a shopkeeper.Lǎobǎn, piányi yīdiǎn ba.Boss, can you make it cheaper?

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