User talk:WikiSysop

My notes for what I need to work on:

  1. Uses of le
  2. Finish basic B1 grammar points:
  3. Finish Learner FAQ
  4. Parts of Speech key pages
  5. Finish basic B2 grammar points
  6. Add all links to Learner FAQ

Other random notes I want to keep track of for future addition:

  • 去哪里好? (⋯⋯好, ⋯⋯才好)
  • 有字句:哪里又⋯⋯、这里有⋯⋯ [Place} + 有 + [Noun]
  • 我给你热点鸡汤。我给你点热鸡汤。
  • 让 details ("forceful"? or gentle?)
  • 穿起来舒服吗?
  • 围起来
  • 不用了 (don't need it "anymore")
  • 有得卖, 没得卖
  • 隔着