Using the particle "bei"


In advanced, colloquial Chinese, you may hear 呗 at the end of sentences. This particle is similar to 吧 and expresses "it's just this way." It points out something that is obvious.


Use 呗 the same way you would any other particle, like 吧. Put it at the end of your sentence.

Sentence + 呗

呗 is one of those nuanced particles that has a few possible explanations. It can indicate that something is obvious, or it can express resignation. It can also express a lack of enthusiasm, or that something should or can only be done a certain way.


  • 别问 我们 为什么 去 KTV 唱歌,热闹 好 玩儿
  • 如果 你 不 知道 怎么 说,就 查 词典
  • 要是 不懂,就 好好 学
  • 如果 你 不 想 去 就 不 去

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