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假如 + [statement] + 就 + [result]
假如 + Statement + 就 + Result

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"假如..., 就..." (jiǎrú..., jiù...) is yet another way to express "If..., then..." in Chinese, but it is much more formal than 要是 or 如果 are (in both written and spoken Chinese).


假如 + Statement + 就 + Result


  • 假如 你 的 成绩 再 好 一点儿,你 能 申请 北大 了。If your grades come up a little more, then you can apply to Beijing University.
  • 假如 我 是 你,我 戒烟。If I were you, I would give up smoking.
  • 假如 你 的 女朋友 不 爱 你,你们 分手 吧。If your girlfriend doesn't love you, then you should break up.

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