Expressing "over and over again" with "zaisan"

再三 (zàisān) or means "repeatedly" or "time and again" in a formal way, and is usually placed before a two-syllable verb.


再三 + Verb


  • 老师 再三 强调 这 次 考试 对 我们 很 重要。The teacher has stressed over and over that this exam is really important for us.
  • 中国 政府 再三 警告 美国 不要 干涉 中国 的 内政。China's government warns the USA repeatedly not to interfere in China's affairs.
  • 再三 犹豫 之后,选择 了 放弃 比赛。After hesitating again and again, she chose to give up the competition.
  • 我们 再三 考虑 过后,决定 满足 你 的 这 个 要求。After back and forth considering, we decided to satisfy your requirements.
  • 再三 提醒 你 出国 旅游 一定 要 小心 你 的 钱包。I reminded you, again and again, that you need to be careful with your wallet when you travel abroad.

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