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Expressing "although" with "jinguan"

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尽管 (jǐnguǎn) means "although," and is a little stronger than 虽然, perhaps more like "even though."


尽管 A,还是 / 仍然 B


  • 尽管领导 今天 不 来,可 我们 还是 不 能 偷懒。Even though the leaders aren't coming today, we still can't be lazy.
  • 尽管 火 很大,很 危险,消防员 仍然 勇敢 地 冲了 进去。Even though the fire was big and it was very dangerous, the firefighters are still bravely running in.
  • 尽管 失败 了 好几次,可 他 仍然 想 创业。Even though he's failed many times, he still wants to start a business.
  • 尽管 实现 这个 目标 不 太 容易,但是 我们 不能 这么快 就 放弃 。Even though it's not that easy to realize this goal, we can't just give up on it.
  • 尽管 没 人 赞同 他的 观点,他 还是 坚持 自己 的 看法。Even though nobody agreed with him,he still holds to his views.

可 or 但是 can be added before 还是 or 仍然 to further emphasize the shift in meaning in the second phrase.

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