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Comparing specifically with "xiang"

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像 (xiàng) is used to compare a specific characteristic of two things or people, and can be used in the following structure:

Expressing just like with "像"


Noun 1 + 像 + Noun 2 + 一样 + Adj. / Verb

Noun 1 + 像 + Noun 2 + 这么 / 那么 + Adj. / Verb


  • 你 怎么 我 妈 一样 啰嗦!Why do you sound as nagging as my mom does!
  • 他 生气 的 时候 会 疯子 一样 大 叫。He would scream like a lunatic when he gets angry.

Expressing not as ... as with "不像" or "没有"


Noun 1 + 不像 + Noun 2 + 这么 / 那么 + Adj. / Verb

Noun 1 + 没有 + Noun 2 + 这么 / 那么 + Adj. / Verb


  • 这 个 男 老师 不 像 那 个 女 老师 那么 严格。This man teacher is not as strict as that woman teacher.
  • 我们 没有那么 喜欢 孩子。We don't like kids as much as you do.

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