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Expressing "if it were not for" with "yaobushi"

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要不是 (yàobushì) is almost the same as "如果不是⋯⋯ ", and it may followed by "的话," meaning "if it were not for" or "without."


要不是 ⋯⋯(的话),⋯⋯


  • 要不是 她 帮忙,我们 不可能 这么 快 找到 这 个 地方。We couldn't have found this place without her help.
  • 要不是 你 说 你 想 吃,我 不 会 做 这 个 菜 的。I wouldn't have made this dish if you hadn't said that you want to eat.
  • 要不是 因为 他 是 你 朋友,我 是 不 会 帮 他 的。I wouldn't have helped him if it were not for him being a friend with you.
  • 要不是 你们 迟到 的话,我们 早 就 到 了。We would have gotten here earlier if it were not for you being late.
  • 要不是 你 刚才 说 错 话,他 是 不 会 生气 的。He wouldn't be mad if it were not for something wrong you just said.

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