Expressing "similar to" with "gen... shide"

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跟...似的 (gēn... shìde) is the same as pretty much the same as "像...一样." 似的 the is an auxiliary word, and it is used after a noun, a pronoun or an adjective and indicates something is similar to something else. Notice that here the 似 in 似的 can be pronounced shì or sì.

This grammar pattern is used often in metaphors or similes, and it is often used in descriptive literature.


跟 + Noun/Pronoun/Adjective + 似的

Remember that nouns. pronouns, or verbs can be placed before the 似的, though nouns are the most common.


  • 她们 俩 好 得 亲 姐妹 似的
  • 最近 天气 热 得 在 蒸笼 里 似的
  • 似的 一天到晚 好吃 懒做。
  • 他 做 这 个 最 拿手 了, 很轻松似的 就 做 好 了。

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