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进一步 (jìnyībù), is an adverb meaning "further" or to "go a step forward." Usually it is used in formally written Chinese, though it can be spoken as well.


It is simply placed before the verb of the sentence.

Subj. + 进一步 + Verb


  • 我们 准备 进一步 扩大 中国 市场。We are prepared to further expand the Chinese market.
  • 这 件 事情 需要 进一步 调查。This event requires further investigation.
  • 这 次 开会 的 内容 是 进一步 研究 这 个 项目。The purpose of this meeting is to further research on this project.
  • 如果你要在中国工作你最好 进一步 学汉语。If you are going to work in China, you had better study Chinese a little bit more.
  • 我们在一起旅游后我们的友谊有了进一步 的发展.After swimming together, our friendship developed further.

又, 再, 才能, 并 with 进一步

又, 再, 才能, and 并 also can also be added in front of 进一步.


  • 这项设计完成以后,他们进一步 致力于另一项工程的设计。After this design was completed, they worked further on a different engineering project.
  • 我们先在一所学校进行教学改革的试点, 进一步 推广到全市的中学。We first tested our education reform in one school, and then we further extended it to the rest of the city's middle schools.
  • 先学好第一外语, 进一步 学好第二外语。Study your first foreign language well first, then you can take the next step and start a second foreign language.
  • 弄懂这个问题之后,才能进一步 研究其他问题。After you've figured out this problem, go a bit further and research the other problems as well.

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