Expressing "along with…" with "suizhe"

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随着 (suízhe) means "along with," "following," or, more formally, "in the wake of."

Simple form


Subj. + 随着 + Noun + Verb Phrase


  • 树枝 随着 风 不 停 地 摇动。The branch swayed as the wind blew ceaselessly.
  • 孩子们随着 音乐 跳 起 了 舞。Children started dancing with the music.
  • 污染 物 随着 人 的 呼吸 进入了 人体 内部 。The pollutants entered the body through normal breathing.
  • 这些 垃圾 随着 河水 流 到 了 大海。These garbage flow into the sea along with the river.
  • 我们 随着 他 的 琴声 唱 起 了 歌。We started singing as he played the piano.

Common form


随着 can also be used in the following structure to indicate that a change in the first part causes a respective change in the second part. In this case, the first part is generally a trend, like economic development or rising prices.

随着 + [Noun Phrase] ,Subj. + Predicate


  • 随着 经济 的 发展,人们 的 生活 越 来 越 好 了。Along with economic development, people's lifestyles get progressively better.
  • 随着 石油 价格 的 升高,粮食 的 价格 涨 了 好 几 倍。 With the rise in gas prices, the price of cereals has also gone up a bit.
  • 随着 年龄 的 增加,他 变 得 更加 成熟 了。As he got older, he became even more mature.
  • 随着 中国 国际 地位 的 提高,中国人 也 变得 越来越 有自信了。As the international status of China is rising,Chinese people are becoming more and more confident.
  • 随着 人口 不断 增加,大城市 的 社会 问题 越来越 多 了。With the increasing population, there are more and more social problems in big cities.

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