Many types of "not only... but also..."

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We've seen 不但⋯⋯而且 in B1, but other than that there are a number of other structures which can be used to express "not only...but also." 不但 can be substituted with 不仅(bù jǐn) and 不只 (bù zhǐ), all meaning "not only," and can be followed by 而且 (ér qiě) , 还 (hái), or 也 (yě) Other than 不但⋯⋯而且 being more common than the others, they are all pretty similar in usage and meaning.


Subj. + 不仅 / 不但 / 不只 + ⋯⋯,而且 / 还 / 也 + ⋯⋯


  • 这 篇 文章 不仅 结构 清楚,而且 思想 先进。This essay is not only written clearly, but is also well-developed.
  • 不仅 喜欢 吃 中国 菜,而且 会 做 几 个 中国 菜!He not only likes to eat Chinese food, but he can make some as well!
  • 这 个 外国人 不只 会 唱 民歌, 会 说 方言,真 是 了不起!Not only can this foreigner sing folk songs, but he can also speak the dialect. That's really amazing!
  • 不但 聪明 很 善良。难怪 他 这么 受 大家 的 喜爱!He's not only smart, but also kind. No wonder everyone loves him.

而且 can be used in conjunction with 还, 也 , as in the last three examples.

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