Expressing "to be worthy of" with "bukuishi"

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不愧是 (bùkuìshì) expresses that someone or something has "no shame in being." It has the same meaning as 名副其实 (míngfùqíshí), which means "live up to one's reputation." It carries a connotation of praise and accomplishment, like saying "to be worthy to be called." So when you evaluate somebody you can use this word but not for yourself.


The structure is pretty easy to learn, just use 不愧是 before the noun. You can also swap out the 是 with 为. The meaning stays the same.

Subject + 不愧是(不愧为)+ reputation


  • 不愧是 一名 光荣的 人民 教师。
  • 危难 关头,他 挺身而出,不愧是一名 优秀的 人民解放军 战士。
  • 她 在 这 部 电影 里 的 表演 真 是 太 棒 了,不愧是 拿 过 奥斯卡 金奖 的。
  • 儿子,干得好!不愧是 我们 老王 家 的 人!

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