Advanced uses of "hai"


This article focuses on two of the advanced usages of 还. It can be used to express a surprised or shocked tone.

Expressing a Strong Tone of Surprise



Subj. + 还 + Predicate + 呢


  • 这个 小孩 真 聪明 !This kid is brilliant!
  • 留 过 学 ,英语 这么 差 。You have studied abroad, yet your English is so bad.
  • 好朋友 ,天天 说 我 坏话 。What a good friend! Speaking evil of me all the time.
  • 大 老板 ,一点 也 不 大方 。He is the big boss, yet he is not generous at all.
  • 都 怪 你 ,你 生气 It's all your fault, yet you're mad.

Used in a Rhetorical Question



Subj. + 还 + [Verb Phrase] + 吗 ?


  • 他 那么 有钱 , 在乎 这 点 钱 He has so much money, will he care about this small amount of money?
  • 这 种 人 你 相信 Do you even believe this type of person?
  • 过期 的 牛奶 你 The milk is expired, yet you're going to drink it?
  • 今天 这么 热,你 出门 It's so hot today, yet you're going out now?

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