Expressing "even" with "shenzhi"

甚至 (shènzhì) is similar to "even" in English and is used for emphasis. Like "even," it can be used quite directly or in a more subtle manner. When used more subtly it acts to supplement the speaker’s initial thought, creating the impression that the speaker has realized half way through his statement that he hasn’t gone far enough, and wants to take the idea one step further.

甚至 used to connect words or phrases


Note the word or phrase following 甚至 often uses 也 or 都 to add further emphasis.

A,B,甚至 C + 都 / 也 ⋯⋯


  • 每 个 观众 甚至 裁判 都 站 起来 给 他 鼓掌。Each and every audience, even the judge, stood up and applauded for him.
  • 我 去 过 很 多 中国 的 城市,北京、上海、杭州、昆明、桂林,甚至 拉萨 我 也 去 过。I've been to many cities in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kunming, Guilin. I even went to Lasa once.
  • 他 很 喜欢 玩 手机,吃饭 的时候,坐 地铁 的时候,甚至 上 厕所 的时候 也 在 玩。He likes playing with his cell phone when he's eating, taking the metro, even when he goes to the bathroom.

甚至 used to connect sentences


Note the sentence following 甚至 often uses 也 or 都 to add further emphasis.

⋯⋯,甚至 ⋯⋯


  • 他 太 忙 了,甚至 连 吃 中饭 的 时间 都 没有。He's too busy. He doesn't even have time to eat lunch.
  • 他 从来 不 聊 工作 的 事,甚至 跟 他 老婆 也 不 说。He never talks about work, not even to his wife.
  • 这 个 问题 很 简单,甚至 连 孩子 都 知道。This question is simple, even kids know the answer.
  • 我 男朋友 很 喜欢 游泳,甚至 连 冬天 也 游。My boyfriend likes swimming a lot. He goes swimming even when it's winter.
  • 几 年 不 见,他 变 胖 了 很 多,甚至 连 我 这 个 老 朋友 都 认 不 出来 了。I haven't seen him for a few years and he's gotten much fatter. I, as an old friend, couldn't even recognize him.

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