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Expressing "the more... the more..." with "yue… yue…"

More than just throwing anything you want after two 越s, there are a number of specific patterns you will notice if you want to go beyond using the simpler 越来越.

Pattern with Single Subject


Subj. + 越 ⋯⋯ 越 ⋯⋯


  • 我们 生气 。The more we think about it, the angrier we get.
  • 喜欢 。The more I look at it, the more I like it.

Sometimes this pattern only means "more and more", which is similar to Expressing "more and more" with "yuelaiyue".

  • 快 。He runs faster and faster.
  • 大 。The rain gets heavier and heavier.

Pattern with Two Different Subjects


The first 越... is mostly the reason why the second 越... happens.

Subj. 1 + 越 ⋯⋯ ,Subj. 2 + 越 ⋯⋯


  • 说 ,我 生气 。The more she talks, the angrier I get.
  • 你们 看 我 ,我 紧张 。The more you look at me, the more nervous I am.
  • 走 ,腿 痛 。The more I walk, the more my legs hurt.

The More... The Less..


越 ⋯⋯ 越 + 不 ⋯⋯


  • 逼 孩子 学 ,孩子 想 学 。The more you push the kid to learn, the less he wants to learn.
  • 问 ,我 想 说。The more he asks, the less I want to tell.
  • 这样 说 ,他 听 。The more you talk this way, the less he would listen.

Colloquial Saying

This pattern is limited to a small number of single-syllable verbs related to sensory perception, but you do hear it used.


Subj. + 越 + Verb + 越 + 想 + Verb


  • 这本书 我 想 看 。The more I read this book, the more I want to read.
  • 这 种 零食 让 人 想 吃 。The more you eat it, the more you will want to eat.
  • 我 吃 了 这 个 药 以后 总是 想 睡觉 ,而且 想 睡 。I'm always so sleepy after taking this medicine. And also, the more I sleep, the more l want to sleep.

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