Also known as: 代词 (dàicí).

Pronouns substitute in for regular nouns and proper nouns to avoid unnecessary repetition of the same words over and over again.


There are many different kinds of pronouns depending on what you are referring to: personal pronouns (he, she, we, etc.), demonstrative pronouns (this, that), and interrogative pronouns (who, what). Pronouns can go anywhere that a noun goes, but you have to be sure to use the right kind. If you are talking about a person, use a personal pronoun. If you are asking a question, use an interrogative pronoun. They can all be modified for expressing possession by adding "的." This does not apply to close relationships with personal pronouns.

Additional Notes

  • In order to pluralize pronouns that ask questions, you have to put "些" after them. This is similar to "that type" or "that kind." It just broadens the question a little more.

There are also some set phrases to modify pronouns:

  • 可怜的...
  • 美丽的...
  • 善良的...


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