Using "jiang" as a formal "ba"

The 将 (jiāng) sentence is a useful structure for focusing on the result or influence of an action. It's a formal way of saying 把 and generally used in formal contexts.


Subj. + 将 + Obj. + [Verb Phrase]


  • Oscar 最佳 女主角 这个 奖 颁 给 了 一个 很 年轻 的 演员 。The Oscar jury gave the award for Best Actress to a very young actress.
  • 学校 那些 经常 逃学 的 学生 都 开除 了 。The school expelled those students who skipped school very often.
  • 老板 决定 公司 20% 的 股份 卖 给 一个 美国 公司 。The boss decided to sell 20% share of the company to an American company.
  • 政府 要求 这些 官员 赃款 归还 给 国家 。The government asked these officials to return those dirty money.

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