Expressing "in light of" with "jianyu"

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鉴于 (jiànyú) is a preposition that expresses that a certain situation has gone through previous thought and consideration. 鉴于 can be thought of as "in light of," "in view of," "seeing that," etc.


鉴于 is used the same way as "in regards to." Just put it in the beginning of your sentence. This grammar structure is used in written or formal contexts.

鉴于 + observation, conclusion/suggestion


  • 鉴于 是 紧急 情况,我们 应该 尽快 做出 决定。
  • 鉴于 我 儿子 的 成绩 不 太 好,所以 我 让 他 去 补习班。
  • 鉴于 上周 的 恐怖 袭击 事件,当地 政府 采取 了 特殊 的 安保 措施。

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