Expressing "when the time comes" with "dao shihou"

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到时候(dào shíhou) basically means the same thing as "when the times comes." Usually "when the time comes" is pointing to a specific event in the future.

General use of "到时候"


Usually this grammar pattern starts with a statement to set things up (A), then the things that happens in the future is stated (B) after the 到时候.

……,到时候 + ……


  • 现在 不 好好 准备 考试,到时候 肯定 考 不好。If you don't prepare well, then you won't do it well in the exam.
  • 我 要 学 唱 中文 的 生日快乐 歌,到时候 唱 给 你们 听。I want to learn the Chinese song "Happy Birthday." I'll sing for you guys when the time comes.
  • 你 先 自己 试 一 试,到时候 我 再 教 你。You can give it a try first. I will teach you when the time comes.

Commonly used expressions with 到时候


  • 到时候 见。See you then.
  • 到时候 看 吧。Let's see what we can do later.
  • 到时候 再 说 吧。We will talk about that later when the time comes.

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