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Expressing "stop doing" with "bie… le"

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You may know how to make negative commands with "bie," but what if someone is already doing it? The pattern 别⋯⋯了 (bié... le) is all you need to tell someone to STOP DOING THAT (which they're already doing).


别 + Verb / [Verb Phrase] + 了

Instead of just a verb, it can also be a verb phrase.


  • , 我 不 想 听 。Bié shuō le, wǒ bù xiǎng tīng.Stop talking. I don't want to listen.
  • , 我 不 想 说 。Bié wèn le, wǒ bù xiǎng shuō.Stop asking. I don't want to say.
  • ,明天 再 做 吧 。Bié zuò le, míngtiān zài zuò ba.Stop doing it. Do it tomorrow.
  • ,睡觉 !Bié kàn le, shuìjiào! Stop watching. Go to sleep!
  • ,烦 死 了 。Biéle, fán sǐ le.Stop crying, it's so annoying.
  • ,别人 都 在 看 你。Bié xiào le, biérén dōu zài kàn nǐ.Stop laughing. Other people are looking at you.
  • ,我们 要 迟到 了。Bié chī le, wǒmen yào chídào le.Stop eating. We're going to be late.
  • ,去 写 作业 。Bié wán le, qù xiě zuòyè.Stop playing. Do your homework.
  • ,太 贵 了 !In this case, the person probably isn't actually paying, but they're about to.Bié mǎi le, tài guì le! Don't buy it. It's too expensive!
  • ,你 已经 喝 了 五 杯 了。Biéle, nǐ yǐjīng hē le wǔ bēi le.Stop drinking. You've already drunk five glasses.

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