Expressing "even if…" with "jiusuan"

就算 (jiùsuàn) is an informal way of saying "even if," and is used to introduce a hypothetical statement. However, unlike 即使 , 哪怕 and 就是, 就算 has more of a feeling that the speaker doesn't believe that the hypothetical statement is reasonable or has much chance of being realized.

Basic Pattern


就算 ⋯⋯ ,也 ⋯⋯


  • 就算 你 不想 听 ,我 要 说 。Even if you don't want to listen, I still need to say it.
  • 就算 你 说 的 都 是 真的 ,我们 没 办法 证明。Even if what you say is true, we still don't have any way to prove it.
  • 就算 会 失败 ,我 不 后悔 。Even if I fail, I won't regret.
  • 就算 他 说 他 请客 ,我 要 买单 。Even if he says it's his treat, I'm still going to pay.
  • 就算 你 通过 了 面试 , 不一定 能 被 录用 。Even if you pass the interview, it can't be certain that you are going to be hired.

Advanced Pattern


就算 + 再 + Adj. ,也 ⋯⋯


  • 就算 穷 ,她 不去 要饭 。She never went on the street to beg for money no matter how poor she was.
  • 我 已经 吃饱了 ,就算 好吃 ,我 不 想 吃 了 。I'm full already. I don't want to eat anymore no matter how good the food taste.
  • 就算 困难 , 我们 要 坚持 。We should carry on no matter how difficult it is.
  • 就算 你 给 我 多 钱 ,我 不能 干 违法 的 事情 。I can't do illegal things no matter how much you pay me.

Colloquial Saying

就算⋯⋯又怎么样?Even if..., so what?

A few examples:

  • 就算 他 来 了 , 怎么样 ?Even if he came, so what?
  • 就算 你 家 有钱 , 怎么样 ?Even if your family is rich, so what?
  • 就算 她 不高兴 , 怎么样 ?Even if she is unhappy, so so what?

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