Expressing "therefore" with "yinci"

因此 (yīncǐ, literally "because of this"), is a conjunction meaning "therefore," and is used in formal writing.


Cause + 因此 + Effect


  • 她 在 农村 长大, 因此 很 了解 农民 的 生活。She grew up in the country, so she understands the country people's way of life.
  • 工厂 已经 停产 很 久 了, 因此 无法 给 工人 发 工资。The factory has been shut down for a long time, so it is unable to give its workers their wages.
  • 韩寒 的 文笔 好, 因此 他 写 的 小说 很 受 欢迎。Hanhan's writing is very good, therefore the novels that he writes are always welcomed.

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