Name-calling with "zhege"


这个 (zhège) can be used by the speaker to emphasize how one regards something or someone. Using 这个 has a stronger effect than if one were to label something without using 这个 e.g "中国, 这个国家" has a stronger impact than merely saying "中国是一个国家."



Subj. + 这个 + [Category]


  • 这个 坏蛋,就 没 做 过 一 件 好 事。You bad person, you. You haven't done a single good thing.
  • 这个 马屁精,又 去 拍 老板 的 马屁 了。That scum. He's flattering the boss again.
  • 上海 这个 城市,夏天 太 热,冬天 太 冷。Shanghai, this city. Its summers are too hot, and its winters are too cold.

As 个 is a measure word it can be replaced by other measure words in this structure. Often it is replaced with 种 or 类. which actually shifts the meaning slightly from e.g. "this city" to "this type of city."



Subj. + 这种 / 这类 + [Category]


  • 猕猴桃 这种 水果,营养 价值 最 高。Kiwis and that kind of fruit have a high nutritional value.
  • 这种 东西,可以 有 可以 没有。Money and that kind of thing, you can have, but you don't need.

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