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Resources for Chinese grammar have been scattered, incomprehensible, and hidden behind paywalls for way too long. Wikipedia has shown us a better way, and we are working hard to make Chinese grammar learner-friendly and accessible to all. We've already got 2,125 articles online, and we're growing! If you'd like to contribute, please get in touch.

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Referenced Throughout

To create this grammar wiki, AllSet Learning and its editor partners have made extensive use of various high-quality Chinese grammar reference materials. We strongly recommend them to any serious student of Chinese grammar. Purchasing these books by clicking on the grammar references linked within this website will also help to support this project.

Some of the key reference materials for this wiki have been:

Textbook Friendly

This is the Internet Age, but it's not yet time to throw out those textbooks! We see the value in textbook grammar explanations and exercises, and are doing our best to link textbook to the Chinese Grammar Wiki content. To see how it works, try finding your own textbook in our list, and then seeing what it links to. (If there are no links yet, there will be soon!)

A Note to AllSet Learning Clients

What you see here is the beta version of the AllSet Learning Grammar Wiki. We are gradually adding content and filling out the grammar information and sample sentences. We will prioritize the content which is most relevant to your study needs.

About AllSet Learning

AllSet Learning is a Shanghai-based learning consultancy dedicated to helping foreigners better learn Mandarin Chinese. While many of the company's services are only available to clients physically in Shanghai, this wiki is open to the public through a Creative Commons license.

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