Verbing briefly with "yixia"

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After briefly reading this article, you will know how to use 一下 (yīxià) to express a brief action!

Note: The pinyin for 一下 is written "yīxià" but pronounced "yíxià" due to a tone change rule.


To express that a verb is carried out briefly or "a little bit," you can add 一下 (yīxià) after it. Sometimes 一下 (yīxià) can soften the tone.

Subj. + Verb + 一下 + Obj.

Often, adding 一下 (yīxià) just makes the Chinese feel more natural. This is not something you can get a feel for quickly. You'll want to observe how native speakers use 一下 (yīxià) over a long period of time to really get used to how it is used.


  • 请 你 等 一下You get the feeling that it shouldn't be a long wait.Qǐng nǐ děng yīxià.Please wait a little bit.
  • 你 看 一下It should be quick.Nǐ kàn yīxià.Take a look.
  • 一下 吧。How long can trying it take? Shì yīxià ba.Try it.
  • 我 要 想 一下You're supposed to believe that I won't need to think about it long.Wǒ yào xiǎng yīxià.I want to think a little.
  • 一下 门 吧 。 How long can it take to open the door?Kāi yīxià mén ba.Please open the door.
  • 请 你 说 一下 为什么。I feel it should be a quick explanation.Qǐng nǐ shuō yīxià wèishénme.Please say why.
  • 不要 生气 了,笑 一下Just one quick laugh!Bùyào shēngqì le, xiào yīxià! Don't be mad, laugh!
  • 宝宝,亲 一下 爸爸。If a baby's kiss isn't quick, it's weird for everyone.Bǎobao, qīn yīxià bàba.Baby, give your dad a kiss.
  • 你 可以 来 一下 我 的 办公室 吗?Just come real quick.Nǐ kěyǐ lái yīxià wǒ de bàngōngshì ma? Could you please come to my office?
  • 你 能 介绍 一下 自己 吗 ? Not your life story, just a brief self-introduction.Nǐ néng jièshào yīxià zìjǐ ma? Could you introduce yourself briefly?

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