Advanced degree complements

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The expression of "degree" following a verb is quite broad. A vast array of adjectives can appear in the degree complement following verbs, indicating degree and quality. When it comes to adjectives, however, expression of degree is often much more limited. The following are some of the more common degree complements which follow adjectives.

Common Patterns

  • Adj. + 得 + 很
  • Adj. + 得 + 不得了
  • Adj. + 得 + 要命
  • Adj. + 得 + 不行


  • 这个 孩子 自私 得很This child is super selfish.
  • 我 老婆 的 工作 轻松 得很My wife's job is extremely easy and relaxed.
  • 我 爸爸 固执 得 不得了My father is awfully stubborn.
  • 赢 了 比赛 以后 ,他 骄傲 得 不得了He was terribly proud after he won the competition.
  • 听说 儿子 又 跟 同学 打架 了 ,爸爸 得 不得了Having heard his son was fighting with his classmate again, the father was incensed.
  • 我 儿子 淘气 得 要命My son is incredibly naughty.
  • 今天 路上 得 要命The traffic is terrible!
  • 地铁 得 要命The metro is so crowded!
  • 我 的 牙 得 不 行My teeth hurt so badly!
  • 外面 得 不 行It's awfully hot outside.

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