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Advanced use of "you"

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Here we repeat the verb used and place 又 in the middle. The repetition of the verb emphasizes how the action is being repeated again and again. This one is definitely the most advanced usage of 又 here, and you're not going to use it nearly as much as the others.


In the pattern below, 又, together with a repeating verb, indicates that the speaker did something repeatedly (not just twice) in the past. Note that verb used here must be a single-syllable verb, usually like 看, 想, 问, 找, 试, etc. 了 is placed right after the first 又.

Subj. +Verb + 了 + 又 + Verb,还是 / 就是 ……

Note that "还是" or "就是" is often used to emphasize that "nothing changed" after all.


  • 这 个 人 我 看 了 看,还是 觉得 我 不 认识 他。Zhège rén wǒ kàn le yòu kàn, háishì juéde wǒ bù rènshi tā.I looked at him again and again, but I still think I don't know him.
  • 我 想 了 想,还是 觉得 不 能 这样 做 。Wǒ xiǎng le yòu xiǎng, háishì juéde bù néng zhèyàng zuò.I thought it over again and again, I think I can't do it like this.
  • 还是 没 找到 他 的 钱 包。zhǎo le yòu zhǎo, háishì méi zhǎodào tā de qiánbāo He searched again and again, and still couldn't find his wallet.
  • 还是 不 同意。xiǎng le yòu xiǎng, háishì bù tóngyì.He thought it over again and again, and he still disagree.
  • 我们 问 了 问,她 就是 不 说。Wǒmen wèn le yòu wèn, tā jiùshì bù shuō.We asked again and again, but she wouldn't say it.
  • 他 试 了 试,就是 打 不 开 门。Tā shì le yòu shì, jiùshì dǎ bù kāi mén.He tried again and again, but he still couldn't open the door.
  • 我 尝 了 尝,还是 觉得 这些 菜 坏 了。Wǒ cháng le yòu cháng, háishì juéde zhèxiē cài huài le.I tasted again and again, but I still think those food has gone bad.
  • 他 闻 了 闻,还是 什么 都 没 闻到。Tā wén le yòu wén, háishì shénme dōu méi wéndào.He smelled again and again, but he still didn't smell anything.
  • 这 个 方案 ,终于 通过 了。Zhège fāng'àn gǎi le yòu gǎi, zhōngyú tōngguò le.This plan was changed again and again, and finally it passed.
  • 这 件 衣服 妈妈 ,终于 洗 干净 了。Zhè jiàn yīfu māma xǐ le yòu , zhōngyú xǐ gānjìng le.Mother washed this clothing again and again, and it's finally clean.

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