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The degree complement -坏了 (-huài le) is a bit like the complement -死了, and can be used to mean "extremely" in both a a positive and a negative sense.


Adj. + 坏了


Negative connotation:通常这类形容词都包含不喜欢、不满意的意思。

  • 大家 都 坏了Everyone was exhausted.
  • 我 早饭 和 中饭 都 没 吃 ,饿 坏了I didn't eat anything for breakfast or lunch. I'm starved to death.
  • 发现 爸爸 又 去 赌钱 了 ,妈妈 坏了Discovering the father went gambling again, the mother was incensed.
  • 孩子 不见 了 ,妈妈 坏了The child is missing. The mother is worried to death.
  • 一个 男人 突然 拿出 一把枪 ,乘客们 都 坏了A man took out a gun all of a sudden and the passengers were scared to death.

Positive connotation:少数表示积极、愉快的形容词也可以。

  • 听到 这个 好 消息 ,大家 都 高兴 坏了Everyone were thrilled to hear the good news.
  • 这个 笑话 让 我们 都 坏了We really got a kick out of this joke.

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