Expressing "anyway" as "fanzheng"

Using 反正 (fǎnzhèng) can be a bit addictive as it is seemingly possible to throw in everywhere. It means "anyhow," or "regardless", and is used to disregard a previous statement, particularly those involving options or choices.

反正 as "No Matter What"


Just put 反正 in the sentence after a comma or pause, similar to how we use "anyways" in English. It can be used with "不管."

[Disregarded Situation] , 反正 ⋯⋯


  • 不管 他 去 不 去 ,反正 我 要 去 。No matter he's going or not, I'm going anyways.
  • 不管 你 信 不 信 ,反正 我 信 。No matter you believe this or not, I believe it anyways.
  • 不管 他 爸爸 是 谁 ,反正 我 要 告 他 。No matter who his father is, I'm going to sue him anyways.
  • 随便 别人 怎么 想 ,反正 我 无所谓。I don't really care however people think.
  • 说 不 说 都 一样 ,反正 没有 人 会 听 我 的 。Speaking or not is all the same. Nobody is going to listen to me anyways.

反正 for Giving An Emphasis On the Reason


反正, in this case, is used to convey a certainty or resolution. It‘s similar to 既然. It can be placed either at the beginning or the end while 既然 can only be placed at the beginning.

反正 + Condition ,Decision / Suggestion


  • 反正 他们 不 来 了,咱们 自己 去 吧。They are not coming anyway, so let's just go by ourselves.
  • 反正 我 也 不 需要,就 送 给 你 吧。I don't need it anyway. So I'll just give it to you.
  • 反正 我 家 够 大,你们 今晚 都 住 这儿 吧。My house is big enough, you can all stay here tonight.
  • 反正 大家 都 知道 了,你 还 怕 什么?Everybody knows about it now. So what are you still afraid of?
  • 反正 可以 刷卡 ,没有 现金 没什么 大不了 的 。It’s no big deal not to have cash. We can swipe a credit card.

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