Expressing "no matter" with "buguan"


不管 (bùguǎn) is more informal than 无论, but it is used in more or less the same way. As with other constructions, 都 and 也 can be used in the second part of the sentence to emphasize the action or decision will not change.

Used with Question Word


不管 + Question Word ,(Subj. +) 都 ⋯⋯


  • 不管 你 穿 什么 好看 。No matter what you wear, it all look good on you.
  • 不管 怎么样 ,我们 要 好好 准备 。We must prepare well no matter what.
  • 不管 你 在 哪儿 工作 , 要 交税 。You need to pay the taxes wherever you work.
  • 不管 别人 怎么 想 ,你 要 坚持 。No matter how other people think, you need to keep going.
  • 不管 你 是 什么 时候 买 的 ,我们 可以 免费 修 。No matter when you bought it, we can repair it for you for free.

Used with Two Different Options


不管 + 是 + Option A + 还是 + Option B ,Subj. + 都 ⋯⋯

不管 + Verb / Adj. + 不 + Verb / Adj. ,Subj. + 都 ⋯⋯


  • 不管 是 国际 幼儿园 还是 本地 幼儿园 ,学费 很 贵 。No matter it's an international kindergarten or a local one .
  • 不管 你 是 中国人 还是 外国人 , 必须 遵守 中国 的 法律 。Whether you're Chinese or foreigners, you must abide by the law.
  • 不管 你 喜 不 喜欢 , 要 接受 。No matter you like it or not, you need to accept it.
  • 不管 你们 同 不 同意 ,我 要 去 。No matter you agree or disagree, I'm going there.
  • 不管 他们 承认 不 承认 ,这 是 事实 。Whether you admit it or not, it's the truth.

Used with Adjectives


不管 + 多 + Adj., Subj. + 都 ⋯⋯


  • 不管 多 贵 ,我 要 买 。No matter how expensive it is, I'm buying it.
  • 不管 多 远 ,我 要 跟 你 一起 去 。No matter how far it is, I'm going with you.
  • 不管 多 难 , 不 能 放弃 。No matter how difficult it is, you can't give up.
  • 不管 我 穿 得 多 好看 ,他 不 看 我 一眼 。No matter how well-dressed I am, he doesn't take a look at me.
  • 不管 孩子 多 淘气 ,父母 不 应该 打 他们 。No matter how their children misbehave, parents shouldn't hit them.

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