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Additional way to express "in the name of" +Sentence Patterns  +
Advanced degree complements +Complements  +
Advanced potential complements +Complements  +
Advanced result complements +Complements  +
Advanced uses of "ba" +Sentence Patterns  +
Advanced uses of "lian" +Sentence Patterns  +
Advanced uses of direction complement "-qilai" +Complements  +
Affirmative-negative question +Question Forms  +
Alternative existential sentences +Sentence Patterns  +
Asking why with "zenme" +Question Forms  +


Basic comparisons with "bu bi" +Sentence Patterns  +
Basic sentence order +Basics  +


Cause and effect with "yinwei" and "suoyi" +Sentence Patterns  +
Complement "-huai le" +Complements  +
Conceding a point with "shi" +Sentence Patterns  +
Conditions with "yao" and "jiu" +Sentence Patterns  +
Connecting nouns with "shi" +Basics  +
Counting money +Numbers and Measure Words  +


Degree complement +Complements  +
Direction complement +Complements  +
Direction complement "-qilai" +Complements  +


Events in quick succession with "yi... jiu..." +Sentence Patterns  +
Explaining purpose with "wei... er..." +Sentence Patterns  +
Express an action and its effect by using "tongguo… shi" +Sentence Patterns  +
Expressing "about to happen" with "le" +Sentence Patterns  +
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