Reference:Boya Chinese Lower Intermediate 2 (博雅汉语准中级加速篇)

Boya Chinese Lower Intermediate 2 (博雅汉语准中级加速篇) by Xiaoqi Li

Boya Chinese is compiled by a group of experienced teachers who teach Chinese as second language. It is divided into four levels: elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced. There are altogether 9 books in the set which suits the four-year college study or any short-term and long-term classes. The elementary level is in two volumes of 50 lessons for beginners and covers about 1,000 words. Finishing it will ensure the students to reach level 3 of HSK. The pre-intermediate level comprises two volumes. It suits students with 1,000-3000 vocabulary. It focuses on trainings of depiction, narration, explanation and discussion. Finishing this level, the students will pass HSK test of level 5-6. The intermediate level has two volumes and is suitable for students who have 3,000-5,000 words. The contents are vivid and include a wide selection of topics. The vocabulary has very detailed notes with carefully selected examples. This level is compatible with HSK level 7-8. The advanced level is for students who master more than 5,000 words. The advanced level has three volumes and contains about 8,000-word vocabulary and focuses on identifying synonyms, explaining common sentence patterns and difficult words. There are ample exercises and interesting readings after each lesson. Finishing this level enables the students to pass HSK level 11 tests.

Grammar Points by Chapter

  1. Lesson 1
  2. Lesson 2
  3. Lesson 3
    • "倒是"(admittedly)
    • "不是没有这个可能(双重否定)"(double negatives)
    • "以上、以下"(above, below)
    • "来"(used after numbers, meaning about)
    • "趁"(while)
  4. Lesson 4
  5. Lesson 5
  6. Lesson 6
  7. Lesson 7
  8. Lesson 8
  9. Lesson 9
  10. Lesson 10
  11. Lesson 11
  12. Lesson 12
  13. Lesson 13
  14. Lesson 14
  15. Lesson 15
  16. Lesson 16