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Parts of Speech String

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"Could it be that" with "qibushi" +Sentence patterns  +
"In order to avoid" with "yimian" +Conjunctions  +


A softer "but" with "buguo" +Conjunctions  +
ASG5MB5K +Particles  +
ASGAEXSX +Particles  +
ASGOGWGS +Particles  +
ASGTTZNV +Particles  +
Actions in a row +Verbs  +
Adding emphasis with "fei....buke" +Sentence patterns  +
Adjectival complement "de budeliao" +Adjectives  +
Adjectival complement "de hen" +Adjectives  +
Adjectives with "-ji le" +Adjectives  +
Adjectives with "name" and "zheme" +Adverbs with Adjectives  +
Advanced "le" after an object +Particles  +
Advanced usages of the contrary "dao" +Adverbs  +
Advanced use of "you" +Adverbs  +
Advanced uses of "dou" +Adverbs  +
Advanced uses of "hai" +Adverbs  +
Advanced uses of "zong" +Adverbs  +
Advanced yes-no questions with "ma" +Particles  +
After a specific time with "yihou" +Nouns  +
Age with "sui" +Numbers  +
An additional step with "jin yi bu" +Adverbs  +
Appearance with "kanqilai" +Verbs  +
Approximating with sequential numbers +Numbers  +
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