Stubs by Level

This is a list of stubs, sorted by CFER level

Expressing "when the time comes" with "dao shihou"C1
Expressing "whether or not" with "yufou"C1
Using the particle "bei"C1
Expressing "lies in" with "zaiyu"C1
Expressing "always previously" with "xianglai"C1
"Could it be that" with "qibushi"C1
Expressing "again and again" with "yizai"C1
Emphasizing with "henshi"C1
Comparing "budebu" and "zhihao"C1
Expressing "is or is not" with "shifou"C1
Using the "suo" structureC1
Expressing "in light of" with "jianyu"C1
Expressing "in short" with "zongzhi"C1
Expressing "could it be possible that" with "mofei"C1
Stating two or more reasons with "yilai...erlai"C1
Expressing "in the name of" with "yi... de mingyi"C1
Expressing "inevitably" with "shibi"C1
Comparing "yishi" and "yidu"C1
Comparing "anzhao" and "genju"C1
Expressing "at the same time" with "jian"C1
Expressing that something has already happened with "laizhe"C1
Expressing "thus" with "cong'er"C1
Expressing "I bet" using "liang"C1
Additional way to express "in the name of"C1
Expressing "as if" with "sihu"C1
Comparing "huifu" and "huanyuan"C1
Expressing "why" with "hebi"C1
Expressing "even so" with "zaibu... ye..."C1
Expressing "contrary to expectations" with "pianpian"C1
Expressing "nothing is more...than" with "moguoyu"C1
Expressing possession with "zhi"C1
Expressing "as well as" with "yiji"C1
Express an action and its effect by using "tongguo… shi"C1
Expressing "a full" with "zuzu"C1
Expressing "no exception" with "yilu"C1
Comparing "juran" and "fan'er"C1
Expressing who is in charge with "you... zuozhu"C1
Expressing "your side" with "ben"C1
Use "tangruo" to express "if"C1
Expressing "as early as" using "zaozai……"C1
Expressing something is "not worth doing" with "buxie"C1
Expressing "when" using "dang"B2
Taiwanese Mandarin use of "bucuo"B2
Using "budan... geng" to express "not only... but also"B2
Expressing "no" (noun) "to" (verb) with "wu... ke..."B2
Expressing "to come from" with "laizi"B1