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Property:Is similar to

This property describes grammar points that are similar to each other, for example, 要是、假若、如果 etc.

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A softer "but" with "buguo" +Expressing "although" with "suiran" and "danshi"  +, Two words for "but"  +, Expressing "however" with "ran'er"  +
Actions in a row +Basic sentence order  +, Events in quick succession with "yi... jiu..."  +
Adding emphasis with "fei....buke" +Auxiliary verb "yao" and its multiple meanings  +, Expressing "must" with "dei"  +, Expressing "have to" with budebu  +,
Additional way to express "in the name of" +Expressing "in the name of" with "yi... de mingyi"  +
Adjectival complement "de budeliao" +Adjectival complement "de hen"  +, Adjectives with "-ji le"  +, Negative adjectives with "-si le"  +,
Adjectival complement "de hen" +Adjectival complement "de budeliao"  +, Adjectives with "-ji le"  +, Negative adjectives with "-si le"  +,
Adjectives with "-ji le" +Advanced degree complements  +, Complement "-huai le"  +, Negative adjectives with "-si le"  +,
Adjectives with "name" and "zheme" +Intensifying with "duo"  +, Adjectives with "-ji le"  +, Superlative "zui"  +,
Advanced "le" after an object +Expressing completion with "le"  +
Advanced degree complements +Degree complement  +, Adjectives with "-ji le"  +, Complement "-huai le"  +
Advanced potential complements +Result complement "-wan" for finishing  +, Potential complement  +
Advanced result complements +Potential complement "-bu dong" for not understanding  +, Result complement  +, Result complements "-dao" and "-jian"  +,
Advanced use of "you" +Expressing "again" in the past with "you"  +, Comparing "zai" and "you"  +, Emphasizing negation with "you"  +
Advanced uses of "ba" +Using "ba" sentences  +, Aspectual particle  +, Using "bei" sentences  +,
Advanced uses of "dou" +Expressing "even" with "shenzhi"  +
Advanced uses of "hai" +Moderating positive adjectives with "hai"  +, Expressing "and also" with "hai"  +, Continuation with "hai"  +
Advanced uses of "lian" +Expressing "not even one"  +, Expressing "even" with "shenzhi"  +, Expressing "let alone" with "bie shuo"  +,
Advanced uses of "zong" +Expressing "after all" with "bijing"  +, Expressing "in the end" with "daodi"  +
Advanced uses of direction complement "-qilai" +Direction complement "-qilai"  +, Result complement "xiaqu"  +, Resultative complement "chu(lai)"  +,
Advanced yes-no questions with "ma" +Tag questions with "ma"  +, Affirmative-negative questions  +, Questions with "ne"  +,
Affirmative-negative question +Tag questions with "bu"  +, Offering choices with "haishi"  +, Comparing "bu" and "mei"  +
After a specific time with "yihou" +In the future in general with "yihou"  +, Expressing "when" with "de shihou"  +, Comparing "yihou" "houlai"  +,
Age with "sui" +Measure word "ge"  +, Measure words in quantity questions  +, Measure words for counting  +,
Alternative existential sentences +Aspect particle "zhe"  +, Using "zhe" when "verbing away"  +, Expressing actions in progress (full form)  +
Appearance with "kanqilai" +Direction complement "-qilai"  +, Expressing "it seems" with "haoxiang"  +, Expressing "as if" with "sihu"  +
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