Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League:《卷发公司的案子》

Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League:《卷发公司的案子》 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a graded reader designed for high-elementary learners of Chinese.

Publisher's description:

Mr. Xie was recently hired by the Curly Haired Company. For a significant weekly allowance, he was required to sit in an office and copy articles from a book, in the meantime his assistant looked after his shop. He had answered an advertisement in the paper and although hundreds of people applied, he was the only one selected because of his very curly hair. When the company unexpectedly closed, Mr. Xie visited Gao Ming (Sherlock Holmes) with this strange story. Gao Ming is certain something is not right, but will he solve the mystery in time?

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