Reference:Qing Wen

Qing Wen (请问) is a popular podcast published weekly by ChinesePod. While the show is not focused on Chinese grammar exclusively, the majority of Qing Wen episodes revolve around a grammar point, or comparing the usage of several words. It is useful to have an index of all the grammar points covered on Qing Wen. (See also the ChinesePod Qing Wen episode listing.)

Grammar Points by Episode

  1. QW0001: Using 看 (kàn) and 看起来 (kàn qilai)
  2. QW0002: Reduplication of Verbs
  3. QW0003: Using 又 (yòu) and 再 (zài)
  4. QW0004: Saying Sorry
  5. QW0005: Name-Calling, Chinese-Style
  6. QW0006: 了 (le): Something's About to Happen
  7. QW0007: Negating Verbs: When to Use 没有 (méiyǒu), When to Use 不 (bù)
  8. QW0008: Thinking in Chinese: 觉得 (juéde), 认为 (rènwéi) and 以为 (yǐwéi)
  9. QW0009: We Answer
  10. QW0010: To Finish Something Off: Verb 好 (hǎo)
  11. QW0011: 你好 (Nǐhǎo) is a Many-Splendored Thing
  12. QW0012: It's Not Hard to Say Goodbye
  13. QW0013: All About 所有 (suǒyǒu) and 都 (dōu)
  14. QW0014: More or less? 多 (duō) and 少 (shǎo)
  15. QW0015: You Can and Will Use 会 (huì)!
  16. QW0016: Two 'Iffy' Words
  17. QW0017: The Double 了 (le) phenomenon
  18. QW0018: Beyond Or: Another Use of 还是 (háishi)
  19. QW0019: All About Measure Words
  20. QW0020: Two words for '2'
  21. QW0021: Don't Underestimate the Power of 呢 (ne)
  22. QW0022: Excuse Us!
  23. QW0023: A Little Bit About 一点儿
  24. QW0024: More and More
  25. QW0025: Just Say Yes
  26. QW0026: Mainland & Taiwan Lingo: Transportation
  27. QW0027: Most Frequently Asked Question in China
  28. QW0028: What does 厉害 (lìhai) mean, anyway?
  29. QW0029: Mainland & Taiwan Lingo: Electronics
  30. QW0030: You talking about me?
  31. QW0031: Using Verbs 不出来 (bu chūlai), 得出来 (de chūlai)
  32. QW0032: Extreme Chinese - 不得了 (bùdéliǎo)
  33. QW0033: The 又...又 (Yòu...Yòu) Episode
  34. QW0034: 一边...一边 ... (yībiān...yībiān...)
  35. QW0035: Even you can use the (连...都...) pattern
  36. QW0036: 还是 háishi OR 或者 huòzhě
  37. QW0037: Making Comparisons Using 比 bǐ
  38. QW0038: 一...就... (yī...jiù...) pattern
  39. QW0039: Embrace your Fears! 怕 (pà)...Adj
  40. QW0040: 无论 (wúlùn) No matter...
  41. QW0041: You Must Listen to this Episode - 非...不可 (fēi...bù kě)
  42. QW0042: Ending Your Sentence with 吧 (ba)
  43. QW0043: Ending your sentence with 嘛 (ma)
  44. QW0044: Xīnkǔ 辛苦
  45. QW0045: Ending your sentence with 啊 & 呀 (a & ya)
  46. QW0046: Lo and La (咯 & 啦)
  47. QW0047: More than 50 kuai!
  48. QW0048: Aren't you.... (不是.... 吗)
  49. QW0049: I Don't Have the Strength (... 不动)
  50. QW0050: I Can/Can't Afford it (...得起 & ...不起)
  51. QW0051: I Just.... 刚 & 刚才(gāng & gāngcái)
  52. QW0052: Do You Remember....
  53. QW0053: ...都 (dōu): The Bryan Adams pattern
  54. QW0054: The Attitude Pattern (yǒu shénme... 有什么...)
  55. QW0055: Clarifying how to use "every" 每(měi)
  56. QW0056: Colors, By Degrees
  57. QW0057: Addressing People
  58. QW0058: The 是...的 (Shì Pattern
  59. QW0059: Measure Words for Counting People
  60. QW0060: 会 (Huì) and 能 (Néng) Face-off
  61. QW0061: The My Minefield
  62. QW0062: The Pretty Podcast
  63. QW0063: Making Negative Comparisons
  64. QW0064: Don't Never Say Never
  65. QW0065: Using 'Almost'
  66. QW0066: No Wonder!
  67. QW0067: Numbers in Chinese
  68. QW0068: Last and Next
  69. QW0069: 麻烦你 (Máfan Nǐ) to Say Please
  70. QW0070: Good, Bad and Otherwise
  71. QW0071: When 比较 (bǐjiào) becomes 更 (gèng)
  72. QW0072: Often: Using 常常,经常,通常 (chángcháng, jīngcháng, tōngcháng)
  73. QW0073: 请 (Qǐng) - Please and Beyond
  74. QW0074: The Magic Word 让 (Ràng)
  75. QW0075: Using 除了。。。以外 (Chúle... Yǐwài)
  76. QW0076: Understanding 了解 (Liǎojiě) and 理解 (Lǐjiě)
  77. QW0077: Always in Chinese: 总是 (zǒngshì) and 老是 (lǎoshi)
  78. QW0078: Being Vague: 大概 (dàgài), 左右 (zuǒyòu), 上下 (shàngxià)
  79. QW0079: All the Things You Can Hit: 打 (dǎ)
  80. QW0080: Stop in the Name of the 法 (fǎ)
  81. QW0081: Lucky Duckies
  82. QW0082: Slang-ular Momentum
  83. QW0083: Talking with Numbers
  84. QW0084: Funny Business -- 搞笑, 好笑, 可笑
  85. QW0085: Interesting or Boring?
  86. QW0086: Taking it all off
  87. QW0087: Sorry and Thank You
  88. QW0088: Making Commands More Emphatic with 千万 and 一定
  89. QW0089: About Face! A Multi-faceted Look at 面子
  90. QW0090: Letting go with 放
  91. QW0091: Broken, Busted, and Smashed
  92. QW0092: Dropping and Losing 丢, 弄丢,丢掉
  93. QW0093: Picking Up 拿
  94. QW0094: The Magic Word 把
  95. QW0095: How Far Away are You From Understanding 离?
  96. QW0096: Are You Happy, Content, or Delighted?
  97. QW0097: Pain and Suffering 伤心, 难受,郁闷 ,不爽,难过
  98. QW0098: Hot and Cool 热, 烫 , 凉 , 冷
  99. QW0099: Podcast Language 1
  100. QW0100: Podcast Language 2
  101. QW0101: Podcast Language 3
  102. QW0102: To do
  103. QW0103: Finally
  104. QW0104: How Long Has This Been Going On?
  105. QW0105: Hate is a Very Strong Word
  106. QW0106: How're You Doing? 得
  107. QW0107: Bringing it All Back Home With 回去 and 回来
  108. QW0108: Measure Word Fundamentals: 个,只,条,张
  109. QW0109: Measure Words for Food
  110. QW0110: Pair, Set, Match 双, 副, 对 , 套
  111. QW0111: Earlier and Later than Expected: 才and 就
  112. QW0112: 把 Humbug
  113. QW0113: Hotels, Hostels and Restaurants
  114. QW0114: How to Say "and" in Chinese
  115. QW0115: 都......了Already
  116. QW0116: Coming Up Next: 接下来,然后,还有,那么
  117. QW0117: Fruit Basket of Cause-Effect
  118. QW0118: Giving 给 Another Look grammar
  119. QW0119: Dare to Use 敢 grammar
  120. QW0120: Nothing More Than Only and Just grammar
  121. QW0121: Even If... grammar
  122. QW0122: Originally Original grammar
  123. QW0123: Flexible, Not Reflexive grammar
  124. QW0124: With Regards to 对 and 对于 grammar
  125. QW0125: Expressing Location with 边 and 面 grammar
  126. QW0126: Picking things up: 拿、带、取 verb, grammar
  127. QW0127: 次,遍,趟: Measuring Times measure words, time
  128. QW0128: Ways to Describe Things that are "Inside" position, directions, grammar
  129. QW0129: Time Period Patterns with 末, 底, 初 time, grammar
  130. QW0130: Pulling Out all the Stops for Complement 住 complement, verb, grammar
  131. QW0131: Rhetorical Question Marker 难道 questions, grammar
  132. QW0132: 舍不得 feelings, grammar
  133. QW0133: Talking about others: 别的,其他的,另外的 other, grammar
  134. QW0134: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes change, verb, grammar
  135. QW0135: Pay Verbs verb, paying, grammar, bill, credit cards, mortgage
  136. QW0136: The White Spectrum of Meaning white, grammar, culture, colors
  137. QW0137: The Black Spectrum of Meaning illegal, black, grammar, culture, colors
  138. QW0138: How to Start a Conversation with Chinese People culture, relationships, conversation, questions
  139. QW0139: The Red Spectrum of Meaning colors, red, culture, happiness, grammar, popular
  140. QW0140: Keeping 收 and 受 Straight grammar, verb, accept
  141. QW0141: The Yellow and Green Spectrum of Meaning movies, books, culture, green, yellow, colors
  142. QW0142: Passive Verbs and 被 preposition, bei, passive, grammar
  143. QW0143: Talking about Talking in Chinese to say, to speak, to talk, to discuss, verb, grammar
  144. QW0144: Back to Basics: Making People Plural with 们 (men) noun, people, plural
  145. QW0145: Describing Fear adjective, verb, grammar, fear, scary
  146. QW0146: Lovey-Dovey Terminology relationships, names
  147. QW0147: Suffix Magic noun, verb, adjective, grammar
  148. QW0148: Must-Have Modals grammar, verb, modals
  149. QW0149: Realization, Reality and Authenticity wish, perception
  150. QW0150: Feelings affection, emotions, feelings
  151. QW0151: Suffixes for Describing People jobs, professions, people
  152. QW0152: Going, Leaving, and Leaving for Good
  153. QW0153: Doing the math with 算 (suàn)
  154. QW0154: Getting into the habit with 习惯 (xíguàn)
  155. QW0155: Future fun with 会 (hui4), 要 (yao4), and 将 (jiang1)
  156. QW0156: 人家: Other People and Pouty Girls
  157. QW0157: Some uses of 些
  158. QW0158: Whatever, Wherever, Whoever
  159. QW0159: Separable Verbs
  160. QW0160: Comparing Buts: 但 and 却
  161. QW0161: Festivals, Holidays, Vacations, and Leave
  162. QW0162: Revisiting Before and After
  163. QW0163: Making people do things with 让,令,and 使
  164. QW0164: What is up with 由
  165. QW0165: Speaking with 跟 (gen) and 对 (dui)
  166. QW0166: There Is No Try
  167. QW0167: Various Speech Acts and 向 (xiang)
  168. QW0168: Ending, Completing, Finishing
  169. QW0169: Four Uses of the Complement 起来 (qilai)
  170. QW0170: An Introduction to Chengyu
  171. QW0171: Keeping and Leaving
  172. QW0172: Dealing with 管 (guan)
  173. QW0173: Losing and Forgetting
  174. QW0174: Surfing the Web Chinese Style
  175. QW0175: Nothing more than 而已 (eryi) and 罢了 (bale)
  176. QW0176: The 着 (zhe) Chronicles: How We Verb
  177. QW0177: Possible, Possibly, Possibility
  178. QW0178: The 着 (zhe) Chronicles: Actions in Progress
  179. QW0179: Adjectives with 是 (shi)
  180. QW0180: The 着 (zhe) Chronicles: Verbs as States
  181. QW0181: Actually
  182. QW0182: Back in the Day with "当"
  183. QW0183: So (adjective) that...
  184. QW0184: Making the Most of 最 (zui)
  185. QW0185: The Various Guises of "Until"
  186. QW0186: Of Soldiers and Military People
  187. QW0187: Eating Idioms, Part 1
  188. QW0188: Eating Idioms, Part 2
  189. QW0189: Eating Idioms, Part 3
  190. QW0190: By Myself, So Alone
  191. QW0191: Getting to the Bottom of 到底
  192. QW0192: Rainbow
  193. QW0193: Deadly Complements of Degree
  194. QW0194: Preferences and Druthers
  195. QW0195: Actually Contrary with 倒
  196. QW0196: 就 for Emphasis
  197. QW0197: When Opposites Collide (1)
  198. QW0198: When Opposites Collide (2)
  199. QW0199: The Complement 不了
  200. QW0200: The Complement 不下
  201. QW0201: 为 and 为了
  202. QW0202: Two tones, two meanings for 转
  203. QW0203: Unfairness, Misblaming, and Feeling Wronged
  204. QW0204: Sleeping in
  205. QW0205: Manly Men and Womanly Women
  206. QW0206: Going and Leaving
  207. QW0207: Strong
  208. QW0208: Paying Attention and Caring
  209. QW0209: Strong (in the abstract)
  210. QW0210: Words with Heart
  211. QW0211: Words with Heart (Part 2)
  212. QW0212: Punctuation Marks
  213. QW0213: Building, Establishing, and Creating
  214. QW0214: Translation Tools
  215. QW0215: The Depth of 深
  216. QW0216: Western Brands in Chinese
  217. QW0217: Addressing People Revisited
  218. QW0218: Pinyin Terms
  219. QW0219: The Complexities of 'De'
  220. QW0220: 'Very' and Other Degree Modifiers
  221. QW0221: The Glorious了(le): Part 1
  222. QW0222: The Glorious了(le): Part 2
  223. QW0223: 过(guo)
  224. QW0224: 一下,一会儿,and 一点儿
  225. QW0225: Measure Words for Animals
  226. QW0226: 一下,一会儿,and 一点儿
  227. QW0227: How to be Negative
  228. QW0228: Essential Math Terms
  229. QW0229: Lucky and Unlucky Numbers in Chinese
  230. QW0230: Water
  231. QW0231: An Improved Understanding of Improve
  232. QW0232: Christmas in Chinese
  233. QW0233: Giving Gifts in China
  234. QW0234: Old and New
  235. QW0235: Popular Slang from 2011
  236. QW0236: New Year's Well-Wishes
  237. QW0237: Family Member Terms of Address
  238. QW0238: International Currency
  239. QW0239: Prices and Expenses
  240. QW0240: Salaries and Income
  241. QW0241: Onomatopoeias
  242. QW0242: Email Terms and Composition
  243. QW0243: A Qing Wen to Our Listeners
  244. QW0244: Why oh Why
  245. QW0245: Number One Idioms
  246. QW0246: Always Reexamined
  247. QW0247: the Correct Usage of Correct
  248. QW0248: WithstAnding 和,跟,and 与
  249. QW0249: Meet up Frenzy
  250. QW0250: A Much-Needed Discussion of 需要 and 要
  251. QW0251: No Worries No Problem
  252. QW0252: The Stable 稳 (wen)
  253. QW0253: The Different Differences of Different and Difference
  254. QW0254: Hiring and Employment
  255. QW0255: The Preposition 于 (yu)
  256. QW0256: Words with 可 (ke)
  257. QW0257: Additional Conjunctions
  258. QW0258: Expectations and Predictions
  259. QW0259: Taking Transportation
  260. QW0260: Random and Reckless
  261. QW0261: Addressing Women
  262. QW0262: Ferocious Tiger Idioms
  263. QW0263: Rules and Regulations
  264. QW0264: Petty Chicken Idioms
  265. QW0265: 看 You Dig it?
  266. QW0266: The Quick, Smooth 马
  267. QW0267: Regardless
  268. QW0268: Duplicitous Snake Idioms
  269. QW0269: Whether or Not to Use "if"
  270. QW0270: Send and Deliver
  271. QW0271: We're Serious!
  272. QW0272: Life's A Zoo
  273. QW0273: The Mysteries of 而 Revealed
  274. QW0274: The Many Ways to 'But' In
  275. QW0275: Increase and Decrease, Rise and Fall
  276. QW0276: The Opposite and The Unexpected: 相反 and 反而
  277. QW0277: American TV Shows in China
  278. QW0278: The Degrees of Willingness
  279. QW0279: So It Goes
  280. QW0280: Talking about Mistakes (Part 1)
  281. QW0281: Talking About Mistakes (Part 2)
  282. QW0282: The Chinese Experience
  283. QW0283: Everything is Entirely Complete
  284. QW0284: The Mysterious Metric System (Part 1)
  285. QW0285: The Mysterious Metric System (Part 2)
  286. QW0286: The Many Ways to Play
  287. QW0287: Getting Your Pictures Perfect
  288. QW0288: Chinese Catch Phrases for 2012
  289. QW0289: Spreading the Word on Marketing
  290. QW0290: We're So Excited!
  291. QW0291: Accounting for Taste
  292. QW0292: Chengyu By the Numbers (Part 1)
  293. QW0293: The Mysteries of Age
  294. QW0294: Chengyu By the Numbers (Part 2)
  295. QW0295: Chinese Gets Cooking
  296. QW0296: Tone Controversies
  297. QW0297: Nouns Becoming Adjectives! (Part 1)
  298. QW0298: Nouns Becoming Adjectives! (Part 2)
  299. QW0299: Nouns Becoming Adjectives! (Part 3)
  300. QW0300: Get Happy!
  301. QW0301: Excited about Exclamations! (Part 1)
  302. QW0302: Excited about Exclamations! (Part 2)
  303. QW0303: English Letters Make Chinese Words
  304. QW0304: English Loan Words in Chinese
  305. QW0305: Excited about Exclamations (Part 3)
  306. QW0306: Excited about Exclamations (Part 4)
  307. QW0307: It Takes All Kinds
  308. QW0308: The Time Has Come
  309. QW0309: Not Feeling Well?
  310. QW0310: Causing, Creating and Making with 造
  311. QW0311: 亏 Has Its Day
  312. QW0312: Strange Addictions
  313. QW0313: Show Me the Ways
  314. QW0314: Coming to Order
  315. QW0315: Excited about Exclamations (Part 5)
  316. QW0316: We've Got the Power
  317. QW0317: Days of Wonder
  318. QW0318: You're Fired!
  319. QW0319: Bringing Up 以
  320. QW0320: Learning Your Lessons
  321. QW0321: Chinese School System
  322. QW0322: One Visit After Another
  323. QW0323: Something Special
  324. QW0324: Groups, Associations and Foundations
  325. QW0325: Telling Your 尽 Apart
  326. QW0326: Taking on the Machines
  327. QW0327: An I for an I
  328. QW0328: Listen Up, Foreigners!
  329. QW0329: Time to Perform
  330. QW0330: Making the Cut
  331. QW0331: Useful Usages
  332. QW0332: In Praise of Praise!
  333. QW0333: 2013 Chinese Internet Buzzwords
  334. QW0334: Saying the Right Things - Good Times
  335. QW0335: Saying the Right Things - Bad Times
  336. QW0336: Help!
  337. QW0337: Where Is The 在 At?
  338. QW0338: The Right Way to 教
  339. QW0339: The “然” Around
  340. QW0340: A Hands On Approach
  341. QW0341: Syllables and Verbs
  342. QW0342: The Many Ways of 长, 好 and 数
  343. QW0343: Immediate Solutions
  344. QW0344: Surname Surprises
  345. QW0345: Approximate Numbers - Part 1
  346. QW0346: Approximate Numbers - Part 2
  347. QW0347: Words in the North and South
  348. QW0348: So Many Sayings!
  349. QW0349: Toilet Time
  350. QW0350: Taking Advantage
  351. QW0351: Persuasion
  352. QW0352: Dealing with Regrets
  353. QW0353: Documents, Documents, Documents
  354. QW0354: You Can Handle the Truth
  355. QW0355: Sorting Out the Situation
  356. QW0356: Do Your Measure Words Measure Up?
  357. QW0357: "Practice" Made Perfect
  358. QW0358: Goal!
  359. QW0359: "Warm" and "Speechless"
  360. QW0360: Which one is Which
  361. QW0361: Ways to Say "Stubborn"
  362. QW0362: "在 时间" and "中"
  363. QW0363: "Continue" and "Very"
  364. QW0364: All about "But"
  365. QW0365: The usage of 来 (lái)
  366. QW0366: Get "Famous"
  367. QW0367: Investigation: 考察 (kǎochá) and 考查 (kǎochá)
  368. QW0368: To Regret: 后悔 (hòuhuǐ) vs 遗憾 (yíhàn)
  369. QW0369: How to Say 'Blame' in Chinese
  370. QW0370: 吧 (ba) and 要不 (yào bù)
  371. QW0371: To carry out: 推行 (tuīxíng) vs 实施 (shíshī)
  372. QW0372: Using "avoid": 省得 (shěngdé) vs 以免 (yǐmiǎn)
  373. QW0373: To train: 训练 (xùnliàn) or 培训 (péixùn)
  374. QW0374: Ways to say Interesting: 有兴趣 (yǒu xìngqù) and 有意思 (yǒuyìsi)
  375. QW0375: Using 过程 (Guòchéng) and 流程 (liúchéng): Process
  376. QW0376: Outstanding: 出色 (chūsè) and 优秀 (yōuxiù)
  377. QW0377: To Express: 标志 (biāozhì) and 表示 (biǎoshì)
  378. QW0378: Using 赶得上 (gǎndéshàng) or 来得及 (láidéjí)
  379. QW0379: Life! 生活 (shēnghuó),生命 (shēngmìng),人生 (rénshēng) Video
  380. QW0380: Towards: 向 (xiàng) , 朝 (cháo) , 往 (wǎng)
  381. QW0381: To Accumulate 积累 (jīlěi) , 积蓄 (jīxù) and 累积 (lěijī)
  382. QW0382: Ways to say "Otherwise": 否則 (fǒuzé) 不然 (bùrán) 要不 (yào bù) Video
  383. QW0383: The Important Difference Between 需 (xū) and 须 (xū) Video
  384. QW0384: When To Use “不” bù and “没” méi?
  385. QW0385: Advantages:「优点」yōudiǎn VS 「好处」hǎochù
  386. QW0386: Entire/Whole: 整 (zhěng) vs 全 (quán) [Video/Audio]
  387. QW0387: The Many Meanings of 免:未免,以免,难免,免不了[Video]
  388. QW0388: Saying You're Angry: 生气
  389. QW0389: We Got Skills: 技能,技术,技巧
  390. QW0390: Learning Words with 可: 可爱 Kě ài, 可怜 kělián, 可怕 kěpà, 可疑 kěyí
  391. QW0391: Learning words with 然 rán:当然,虽然,竟然,果然,不然
  392. QW0392: "I Want to Pay..." 付 fù, 缴 jiǎo and 交 jiāo
  393. QW0393: Different Uses of 够 gòu
  394. QW0394: Time Word Tips P1: 上 and 下
  395. QW0395: Time Word Tips P2 : 前 and 后
  396. QW0396: The logic behind 別的,其他,另外
  397. QW0397: Measure Words for Verbs 动量词
  398. QW0398: How to Add Emphasis
  399. QW0399: Introduce Your Name Like a Native
  400. QW0400: Small Talk Like a Native
  401. QW0401: Do You Mind? 介意 vs 在意
  402. QW0402: Ways to say "For Example”
  403. QW0403: Films and Book Genres
  404. QW0404: We love each other! 彼此,互相,对方
  405. QW0405: I MISS YOU! 想念、怀念、思念
  406. QW0406: I'm So Happy! 快乐、高兴、幸福
  407. QW0407: To Use 用 yòng 使用 shǐyòng 利用 lìyòng
  408. QW0408: Everything and Nothing: Question Word & 都 [VIDEO]
  409. QW0409: Describing Personalities 1
  410. QW0410: Describing Personalities 2
  411. QW0411: Ways To Talk About Holiday
  412. QW0412: How To Say "Cannot”
  413. QW0413: All About Hair
  414. QW0414: Suitable/to Suit: 合适、适合、合
  415. QW0415: All about Can: 能 (néng),会 (huì),可以 (kěyǐ)
  416. QW0416: To Think, to Recall: 想到、想出来、想起来
  417. QW0417: How to Say 'Probably' in Chinese
  418. QW0418: Let's Do Math In Chinese!
  419. QW0419: Women's Day Special
  420. QW0420: Language Exchange Language